Board Meeting – August 2023

Aug 21, 2023

Kincardineshire Development Partnership

Board of Trustees Meeting – Thursday 31st August 2023 at 7pm

Stonehaven Community Centre, Robert Street, Stonehaven, AB39 2DH





Bridget Scott – Bettridge Centre

Sandra Davison – Mearns & Coastal Healthy Living Network

Ian Hunter – Stonehaven & District Community Council

Andrew Newton – Stonehaven Tolbooth Association

George Cruickshank – Newtonhill, Muchalls & Cammachmore Community Council

Starkeeper Morton – The Haven

Peter Flockhart – TRAK

In Attendance:

Mairi Eddie – KDP Development Worker


Eeva-Kaisa Arter – Catterline, Kinneff & Dunnottar Community Council

Robyn Campbell – Crathes, Drumoak & Durris Community Council

Margo Titmuss – KDP Windfarm & Funding Officer


  1. Welcome

The Chair, George Cruickshank, welcomed all those present.

Apologies were given by Eeva-Kaisa Arter, Robyn Campbell and Margo Titmuss, who was on holiday.

  1. Approval of Previous Minutes

The minutes of the formal meeting of 30th March 2023 & 8th June 2023 (Election of Office Bearers) were approved as an accurate record of the meeting.  They were proposed by Bridget Scott and seconded by Andrew Newton.

  1. Matters Arising.

(4. Finance Update) – 3-month extension for visits agreed – however proposed visits to Huntly Development Partnership and Banff & Buchan Rural Partnership haven’t happened for a variety of reasons and we’re now at end of extension. Mairi to contact Reid to find out if a further extension would be possible or whether the money needs to be paid back. Sandra would be interested in attending the HDP visit.

(5. Development Officer Report) – Staff logging time for queries not covered by SLA – estimated at 5-6 hours per week, other work organising board, funding applications etc 3-4 hours per week.

  1. Finance Update

Finance report shared in advance, no questions arising.

Cash flow report not tabled – Bridget to query missing planning SLA payment to with Margo on return from holiday and will issue report by email.

Reid Hutchison has confirmed the Challenge Fund will cover the additional rebranding costs.

  1. Co-opting Peter Flockhart to KDP Board – nomination via TRAK approved by the board. Peter was welcomed to the board by George.
  1. KDP Development Officer Report

Mairi shared an update in advance.  Main points being:

  • Existing Community Cafes in Johnshaven & Auchenblae doing well. New cafes in Inverbervie and Stonehaven.
  • Edzell Woods – this is a large part of Mairi’s Community Planning workload. Focus on providing a Community Space.
  • Halls Event – on 18th April, well-attended. Local Energy Scotland attending to present information about CARES. Agreed to continue with association but not as constituted group.
  • Action Plan – needs to be updated and potentially add new targets to plan. Peter suggested adding an update date to the Action Plan.
  1. Windfarm Update

Bridget read Margo’s report as follows:

  • St John’s Hill – Closed on 31st March. There were 15 applications, totalling £41,509.89. All 15 were successful, with one Arbuthnott application part funded due to insufficient funds. As a result of the equal split of funds between the two Community Council areas, £38,982.08 was allocated, with an underspend of £6015.13 carried forward to the Catterline, Kinneff & Dunnottar 2024 allocation.
  • Hillhead of Auquhirie – Closed on 30th June, and the panel met on 9th August. There were 25 applications, totalling £65,572.80. The available Fund was £15,958.57.

There were 14 successful applicants, however one was unable to accept the funding due to an unexpected change in circumstances. The panel are reconvening for a short meeting on 7th September to reallocate the funds.

It was agreed at the meeting to clarify the types of groups who can apply to the fund, to ensure only valid groups apply. In addition, the wording of a clause was altered to ensure that charities that work in the area of benefit, but without an office, can still apply to the fund.

Finally, an upper limit of £1500 was agreed for future applications. This is to set realistic expectations and ensure that the funding is shared with as many groups as possible.

  • Meikle Carewe – This Fund is currently open, with a closing date of 30th September. There is £37,676.93 available for distribution.

Tullo & Twinshiels

KDP was unsuccessful in their application for funding for a new website, due to not having an office in the area of benefit. It became apparent that this reason was also used for not funding K&D Befriending, HomeStart Kincardine and potentially other worthwhile charities.

Bridget wrote to Euan Fraser, Head of Assets at Eneco, the windfarm operators, to make them aware of the valuable projects being excluded due to the interpretation of the decision-making criteria and querying the decision to exclude applicants with no office in area of benefit.

Reply received from Eneco saying a change to guidelines needs to be passed by the panel and that Eneco will support whatever they decide.

The board spent some time discussing this issue. Community members have expressed concern about the management of the fund and MAP’s lack of transparency and issues with governance, eg lack of AGM etc. The board is concerned that KDP’s reputation is being damaged by its association with the panel.

After some discussion it was decided that George will attend the next funding meeting. The board will then review the situation and decide whether KDP should withdraw from the panel.

  1. Community Transport Report

This has been issued to all trustees and a few hard copies have been printed for issue to stakeholders and the council.

A meeting with the consultant has been arranged at the Burgh Hall in Inverbervie on 16th October – all trustees are encouraged to attend along with other interested parties eg TRAK members, councillors etc.. Please pass the word on to local organisations & other people with an interest in solving transport issues in this area.

Feedback is that it’s a good report, creating a lot of interest in the council and other organisations. Very beneficial to KDP to be associated with the report.

Aberdeenshire Community Transport Initiative is giving out funding for 3 years, however KDP isn’t in a position to apply directly for funding this time.  It could be possible for another group to apply using the report as evidence.

  1. Future Funding

Many thanks to Mairi who issued this comprehensive report to the board on 5th May, assessing our current situation in detail and looking at the potential for future funding. We have good reserves in place, and we can raise funds for projects, but core funding is very difficult to find. This means that applying to any new source of funding raises the issue of capacity, as both Mairi and Margo are working at full stretch with current commitments.

The exception to this is Awards for All – Connection is one of their new priorities. This could be a source of funding for community capacity building using workshops, forums, networking, training etc. Could also include website development. This would fit in well with current workload.

Can trustees please pass on any information about grants that they come across, particularly those for core costs.

  1. Bank Accounts

Due to problems with adding signatories etc, Andrew has been looking at closing down our three Windfarm HBoS accounts to transfer to Virgin. However, this was problematic because Andrew isn’t a signatory on the windfarm accounts.

He had a constructive meeting with Caroline at the Stonehaven HBoS branch. He found out that we have 5 accounts with them, one inactive, the main KDP account and the 3 windfarm accounts, all treasurer accounts.

The KDP account signatories are Mairi, Bridget, George, Margo, Ron, Andrew and Jackie. Windfarm signatories are Isabella, Ron & Margo

It is hoped that the issues with the windfarm accounts can be resolved by adding new signatories – Andrew, Bridget and George (forms were signed at the meeting). Once 3 extra people on as signatories then we can get rid of Isabella and Ron.


  1. New Subgroups (Governance/Procedures/ Welcome Pack)

Governance – Starkeeper is happy to start looking at policies, with Andrew’s support.

Funding subgroup – Sandra, Bridget, etc? To assist with funding applications.

AGM – will be set up nearer the time.

  1. Staffing

As a board we need to remember that Mairi & Margo are staff members and that we have responsibilities towards them as employers.

In order for staff to work efficiently, trustees need to reply promptly to requests for information or approval. In particular, given quorum requirements, trustees need to respond when meetings are being arranged.

  1. AOCB

We propose quarterly meetings going forward with more involvement from subgroups.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

George to issue Doodle Poll to fix a meeting in November.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm