Community Engagement

Community Engagement is the process by which you reach out and gather a community’s views on an issue.

Increasingly community groups and third sector organisations are looking to consult with communities on a range of topics.  Many funding applications now have to be community led and require significant community input. 

Good community engagement involves trust and respectful dialogue and should be as inclusive and open as possible.  Those involved should work hard to include as many people as possible in discussions and a range of different viewpoints should expected and taken account of.

Increasingly groups that are applying for funding or Community Asset Transfers are expected to have consulted with their communities and to provide proof of need and widespread support.  Effective community engagement is vital to support robust applications.

There are a range of different ways to carry out engagement work and the method will depend on the nature of the engagement and the various groups you are trying to reach.  Everything from questionnaires and open days, to focus groups and workshops can be used.  KDP is able to offer advice and support on what would work best for your engagement.

The National Standards for Community Engagement are good-practice principles designed to improve and guide the process of community engagement.  There are 7 standards :

  • Support
  • Planning
  • Inclusion
  • Methods
  • Communication
  • Working Together
  • Impact

More details on these standards can be found at the Scottish Community Development Centre