Election of Office Bearers – 2023

Jun 21, 2023

Kincardineshire Development Partnership

Board of Trustees Meeting – Thursday 8th June 2023 at 2pm

St Bridget’s Church Hall, Dunnottar Avenue, Stonehaven AB39 2PW





Bridget Scott – Bettridge Centre

Sandra Davison – Mearns & Coastal Healthy Living Network

Ian Hunter – Stonehaven & District Community Council

Andrew Newton – Stonehaven Tolbooth Association

George Cruickshank – Newtonhill, Muchalls & Cammachmore Community Council

Walter McMillan – Portlethen Men’s Shed

Robyn Campbell-Ritchie – Crathes, Drumoak & Durris Community Council

Eeva-Kaisa Arter – Catterline, Kinneff & Dunnottar Community Council


In Attendance:

Reid Hutchinson – Aberdeenshire Council

Starkeeper Morton – The Haven in Stonehaven

Peter Flockhart – Transport Action Kincardineshire


  1. Welcome

The Chair, Bridget Scott, welcomed all those present with special thanks to Reid Hutchinson for acting as adjudicator for the Trustee portion of the AGM.

  1. Nominations

Starkeeper Morton was nominated as a Trustee during the AGM by the membership. This was ratified during the Trustee discussion.

Peter Flockhart has been co-opted onto the KDP Board. This was supported by Ian Hunter and seconded by George Cruickshank. Due to George and Peter coming from the same community group, Peter has been co-opted under Transport Action Kincardineshire.

  1. Board Selection

Reid Hutchinson kindly governed the Trustee’s Meeting.

Bridget Scott has stepped down as Chair Person. Reid Hutchinson provided the Trustee’s thanks to Bridget for all her hardwork and support. Per the Constitution, Andrew Newton (Treasurer) and Robyn Campbell-Ritchie (Secretary) also stepped down.

Chair Person nominated is George Cruickshank. This was supported by Bridget Scott and seconded by Robyn Campbell-Ritchie.

Vice Chair Person nominated is Robyn Campbell-Ritchie. This was supported by Bridget Scott and seconded by George Cruickshank.

Treasurer nominated is Andrew Newton. This was supported by Bridget Scott and seconded by Eeva-Kaisa Arter.

Secretary nominated is Bridget Scott. This was supported by George Cruickshank and seconded by Robyn Campbell-Ritchie.

  1. Thanks

Bridget Scott provided the Trustee’s thanks to Reid Hutchinson for governing the Trustee’s meeting.

George Cruickshank provided the following notes of thanks:

  • Thanks to Bridget for all of her personal time donated to KDP
  • Thanks to Mairi Eddie and Margo Titmuss for their day-to-day work
  • Thanks to Sandra Davison for catering the AGM

George Cruickshank welcomed Starkeeper Morton and Peter Flockhart, and thanked them for their participation.

  1. Resignations

With great sadness, Walter McMillan is retiring from KDP. George Cruickshank expressed the gratitude from the KDP Team for all of Walter’s help, kindness, enthusiasm and humour the past 7-8 years.

  1. Moving Forward

George Cruickshank provided positive comments for the future and ensured the Trustees he would operate on a fair and impartial basis, as exemplified by Ron and Bridget.

Bridget Scott noted the need for all members to be prepared to commit themselves to supporting the Constitution review and participating in sub-groups.

  1. New Membership Requests

Sustainable Mearns – Climate Change awareness group and teaching people how to live sustainably.

  • Missing a Constitution
  • Confirm, membership in waiting
  • Currently have no voting rights

Friendship Group Auchenblae – Offering companionship and friendship within the community, once a week.

  • Status of Constitution unknown
  • Confirm, membership in waiting
  • Currently have no voting rights

Hillside Parents Group –  PSA looking for support with funding opportunities for local schools, nurseries and clubs.

  • Constituted
  • Approved
  1. Next Meeting