For many groups sourcing funding is one of their main concerns.  In order to achieve your goals you may well have to apply to various funds for the money needed to complete your project.  There are lots of funds out there, all with their own specific criteria and you should make sure you meet those criteria before you apply.

Grant applications can require significant work and can be time consuming.  They are often oversubscribed so a strong application that answers all the required questions will give you the best chance of success. Many applications also require you to attach several supporting documents (bank statements, constitutions, quotes, etc.) it is very important that you provide the funder with all relevant documents.

Very often, but not always, funders will expect your group or organisation to be constituted.  This is so they can be sure you have clear rules and good governance.  If you do not already have a constitution we can offer some help and advice to get you started.  A simple constitution can be written using one of many templates that can be accessed online.


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