Place Planning

“A place based approach is about understanding the potential of a place and coordinating action to improve outcomes, with community participation at the heart of the process.”

“Place-based working is about considering all of the physical, social and economic elements of a place collectively. It is about supporting and enhancing the potential of people, physical and natural assets in a place.

“Working in a place-based way can identify key relationships and solve problems that can’t be solved incrementally or by one person or organisation acting alone. It can produce more than the sum of its parts by generating novel approaches, bringing in resources or tackling root causes.”

The Place Principle states:

“Places are shaped by the way resources, services and assets are directed and used by the people who live in and invest in them.

A more joined-up, collaborative, and participative approach to services, land and buildings, across all sectors within a place, enables better outcomes for everyone and increased opportunities for people and communities to shape their own lives.”

These quotes have been taken from Our Place where there’s lots of information available about place and the place standard tool.