Community Action Plans

Many communities will already have a Community Action Plan (CAP). These plans should be community led, often by Community Councils but not always.

The plans should be developed through a robust process of community engagement, which seeks to establish the needs and aspirations of local people to improve services and facilities within their own communities.

They can help outline community views and focus attention on what needs done.  CAPs can become roadmaps for change and can build community capacity to take positive action.

The plan should describe what the community wants to achieve, what needs to be done, who’s going to do it and should have realistic achievable goals.   They can be presented in various formats.  A google search will show you examples from throughout Scotland.  They are community owned plans, so adopt the presentation style that best fits your needs.

The plan can then be utilised to express the community’s ambitions for the future and can help clarify and focus attention on achieving specific, realistic outcomes.  This can be helpful when applying for funding and can also be taken into account by local authorities.


Helpful Information and Advice on Community Action Plans