Volunteer Support

Volunteers are vital to most community groups and organisations. It’s important that you can offer meaningful volunteering opportunities if you are to retain volunteers.

Volunteers are more likely to stay with you long term if you can match them to a volunteer position that they find enjoyable and fits well with their skills and abilities.  Training should be provided to make sure volunteers can fulfill their role safely and effectively.  Although unpaid, volunteers will still require supervision and need to adhere to your organisation’s code of conduct and comply with your procedures.

Volunteers that take on a role as a trustee will have specific legal responsibilities and need to be made aware of this from the outset.  OSCR provide detailed information for charity trustees:

You also have a duty of care for your volunteers and should be able to ensure their safety, have a safeguarding policy in place, and hold suitable insurance.

Thought needs to be given to how you recruit volunteers; social media can be effective as can recruitment events and open days. From time to time KDP holds volunteer recruitment events within K&M.

Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action advertise volunteer opportunities within Aberdeenshire and offer information and support on volunteer qualifications and awards.